Saketora's  Monthly Sales Ranking ★November 2018 ★

“Kuromatsu Senjo Prototype” made its debut at No.1 in November. Pleasantly sweet and fruity, it can pair well with various cuisines, gaining many positive comments at the Wine and Spirits Fair 2018. “Junmai Ginjo Salamander” and “Special Junmai Deer” from “On a Night like This”, the playful series of Senjo Brewery, have also entered Top 10, widely received by many sake fans. Hitting No.2 was "Yamazaki Distillery Reserve Suntory Casked Umeshu". Aged in old whisky barrels, it shows complex and elegant mouthfeel. Many members have fallen in love with it and made multiple purchases. Following was “Jokigen Kiss of Fire”, which jumped from No.9 to No.3 this month. Showing a delicate and complex mouthfeel, together with its gorgeous bottle design, it is not only a perfect drink at a Christmas party, but an ideal gift. Saketora is now launching a Christmas sale, offering 5% off selected items. Together with the “Volume Discount Rewards”, you can save up to 15% off! Don’t miss out this opportunity and let’s try our popular items!

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